· Universitary degree of Programmer-Analyst.

· Certificates (Brainbench) in the Job Roles IT Manager, Project Manager, DBA, Network Administrator, Information Security Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Quality Analyst, Web Developer, Web Designer, Web Administrator, Windows Application Developer, Unix System Administrator, Linux System Administrator and Software Tester based in the US Department of Labor’s system of classification O*NET

· Organization and administration of Electronic Data Processing Centers

· Auditing and revision of Electronic Data Processing

· Segurity in Electronic Data Processing Centers

· System Analysis

· COBOL Language

· "CLanguage

· Operating Systems

· A+ Hardware y Software

· English

· Specialist in Quality ISO 9000 (1 year).

· Revalidated to ISO 9000 v.2000

· Graduate course: Administration and Electronic Government

· Management of IT services. Implementation (UNIT-ISO/IEC 20000-1)




· OS 400, PDM, QUERY400, RPG400, etc.

· SuperProject Expert, Microsoft Project, etc.

· Structured Systems Analysis and design, OOP

· DBASE II, DBASE III, Clipper, Foxpro, Visual FoxPro, CA Visual Objects, Visual Basic, PHP, MySQL, etc.

· Office, PageMaker, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Front Page, DreamWeaver, Flash, etc.

· Sistemas operativos MS-DOS, NCR (IMOS II, III, V, ITX), Netware, Lantastic, WFWG, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, Linux.

Congresses and Seminaries

· First National Encounter of Computing

· Administration of the information technology at the Enterprise

· Management by Objectives in Information Technology

· GENEXUS Encounters (all)


· Job Roles (Brainbench-ISO 9001 certificated) (based in the O*NET classification system of the US Department of Labor)

· Functional certifications