1986 - Informátics school (tertiary level): Responsible teacher of one of the Cycles of Programmers and Analysts during the year 1986.

1990 – 1995 Director and founder of the Computation Sector of Batlle y Ordoñez Training School. I highlight this project, granted that it has given me the satisfaction to construct a training school with eight own computers and teachers radicated and formed at two thousand five hundred inhabitants' town - in an adverse environment to the inventions and disappointed for some commercial irresponsible experiences -. It has gotten a level of quality of quite good teaching, and during the years 1994 and 1995 we got the recognition from the University Católica, being the one and only institution at this country.

1997 – 1999 UTU's coordinator of the technological pre-university studieses in maintenance and information-technology processing. Level Manager's position of Project depending on the NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC EDUCATION of the URUGUAY as it is evident in the contract's abstracts attached. In October  1997 we take responsibility for this position in an almost explosive situation for part of pupils and teachers. In the lapse of a month, with some measures related to management well dosed, the opinion changes the pupils, and we motivated to some disillusioned professors. We continued the coordination of the technological pre-university studieses and his enlargement in the inside of the Republic and his specialization to the year 1999.

1997 - Teacher of Introduction to Oracle. During the year 1997 I perform at this position in Tecnología Informática.


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